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Bed Quilts

(Click on the pictures below to get a larger version.)

This sampler is the first full bed quilt I made.
I call it my epic quilt because it took so long to make and
because I had so many interesting learning experiences making it

from "The New Sampler Quilt"
I made this quilt
for my daughter
as a special gift.
The pillow was
made from a
left over square

A quilt with horses
for a grandchild.
The Quilt pattern designed
on EQ6 by Judy Anne
is free for your use.

This Northwind quilt
was quite a challenge.

from the book
"Design Challenge: Northwind Quilts"
by Sharyn Craig
This Lighthouse quilt was made for our trailer
as we love the west coast.

The Lighthouse squares can be purchased from The Oregon Peddler
This Mimbres quilt is
a summer spread
made with no batting.

The Mimbres blocks
can be purchased
from Make it Southwest
This is a quick
quilt I made
for a twin bed.

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