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Indelible Spirit Challenge

"Where Dreams Wait" by Judy Breneman

I planned this quilt in 1998, then wrote the poem.  That box of fabric and plans sat under 
the bed for seven years.  At the time I dreamed of this quilt I had poor health and many 
more plans than my body was capable of carrying out.  The "Indelible Spirit" challenge 
inspired me to finally make this quilt.  See the poem and more about the challenge below.

I made this quilt as a part of a quilt challenge The theme was "Indelible Spirit" and it was open to any disabled or previously disabled person. It celebrated the indelible spirit shown in those who create art in spite of limitations.

It recieved a judges choice award given by Marilyn Maddalena Withrow as well as her Giltner-Moore Memorial Award. Marilyn is a quilt appraiser, quilt judge and quilt historian. She gives programs on several topics. Visit her site to learn more about all her talents. Visit the site that sponsored this challenge at "Fiberarts Connection of Southern California" to see the quilts for this and other challenges.

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