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Lap Quilts

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Old Testament
quilt made for
my son and
daughter in law.

find the
pattern here

A Mystery Quilt

Big Block
Buttercup Quilt
made for one
of my nieces

A Star Quilt
made for
another neice

A Basket Quilt
made for yet
another neice

A nautical couch quilt for Kitty
and a chair back.

This is my
first real quilt
made as a part
of a class
on color.

I made this
quilt for my folks.

"An Amish Quilt in a Day"

The fabrics and pattern of this quilt
are typical of the last half of the 1800s.

Around the World
Three cozy flannels.

from "Trip Around the World Quilt"

I made this quilt using sunbonnet ladies
made by some Amish women about 30 years ago.

A Couple of Kid's Quillos

A quick lap quilt for our new couch.

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