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This is the book
I used for this quilt.

To Honor and Comfort: Native Quilting Traditions

Lone Star Quilt

I've always wanted to try this quilt but didn't feel up to the precise piecing
required.  A friend of  mine made one and it lumped in the middle so she 
had to tear it apart and redo it. That didn't sound too appealing to me. 

So when Jan Krentz came to our local quilt guild to lecture and teach classes 
I signed up right away.  With Jan's methods I was able to make this quilt 
without lumps.  It is still an exacting quilt to make but she 
has some tricks that make it easier and more precise. 
If you would love to make this quilt and can't take the class buy 
Lone Star Quilts and Beyond: Step-By-Step Projects and Inspiration by Jan Krentz.

In fact even with the class you will want the book to look back at techniques as you work on the quilt. In addition 
the book is full of beautiful variations of the quilt including some applique patterns for around the star.

I made this quilt with fabrics and colors of the outdoors as it was made for my son-in-law so I wanted a masculine look.

The Lone Star pattern goes by many other names like Morning Star, Mathematical Star, Star of Bethlehem 
and Star of the East.  It is a popular pattern with many Native American quilters.  The book To Honor and Comfort:
 Native Quilting Traditions includes several great examples of this quilt as well as many other Native American made quilts.

For more information on this quilt go to The Grandest Quilted Star of All and The Lone Star Quilt Design Through Time.


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