Fabric Memories

Picture a woman, consider her life, a century ago and more. So many children needing her care, each one dearly adored. Days filled with work to be done; Food to prepare, a garden to grow, clothes washed with a rough scrub board, evenings she’d mend and sew. What an occasion a quilting would be, gathered with family and friends. Folks would be sharing neighborly talk, news of beginnings and ends. They might have been making a friendship quilt, remembrances carefully signed, for some would be moving to westward lands while others stayed behind. Sickness a danger to each precious child while wartime took many a man. Grief a recurrent part of her life; hardships she must withstand. Scraps of their clothing in a quilt helped bring those cherished ones near. Envision her touching each piece of cloth, comforted over the years. © 1998 Anne Johnson

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