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Miss Muffet Quilt Pattern

Miss Muffet quilt block

I made this little Miss Muffet wall quilt for a challenge that my local quilt group did. We were each to make a small quilt based on a nursery Rhyme. I had fun with the fact that the original meaning of a tuffet is a mound of something like grass or hay. It was only later that the Victorians created the meaning of tuffet as a little cushion of some sort. We have to wonder if they thought it would be more proper for the Miss Muffet to sit on a stool or cushion instead of the ground.

So I decided to make a Miss Muffet sitting on grass instead of a cushion. I used the Sunbonnet Sue image for my little miss. The pattern was designed using EQ6 and it occurred to me that others might enjoy the pattern so I'm sharing it here.

You can use this free block pattern to make a small wall hanging like my quilt (see a picture of it here) or you could make a series of blocks for a baby quilt.

To get the templates for this pattern print this PDF making sure you set the "page scaling" to one if it isn't already set there. That way you will be sure that it prints out to the correct size. The templates are the exact size for fusing, if you are doing hand applique you will need to cut a margin to turn under.