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A Scapbook for my Quilts

I love scrapbooking and realized I should record the quilts I make in some way. Making a scrapbook album seemed the perfect answer. It's a great way to remember the ones I've given away to family and friends. If you enjoy scrapbooking you might want to do the same thing. You may want to record more detail including the pattern, fabric, size, who you gave it to and the date. That could easily be done in a scrapbook too.

This is the first page in my quilt scrapbook. I thought it would be fun to show a bit of me quilting.
I made this reproduction nine-patch quilt as a part of a class. It was interesting to pick and use reproduction fabrics and to make a quilt of the past.

We love to vacation at the coast so made this quilt for our trailer from silkscreened light house blocks.

I've made several baby quilts. These are some I made for babies of my daughter's friends.

This is a mystery quilt. I was a little unsure of making a quilt not knowing what it would come out like. But I loved the result and gave it to my my mother.

I've also included some quilting poetry that I've written in my quilt scrapbook.

Both my grandmothers and one of my husband's grandmothers were quilters. Scrapbooking was a perfect way to remember them and thier quilting.

Every so often I look through my quilt projects scrapbooking album. It's fun to see all the quilts I've made and remember making them. This kind of scrapbook also brings memories of family and friends and the quilts I made for them. Of course it's an ongoing projects as there are always more quilt inspirations to be made into quilts.

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