Womenfolk: The Art of Quilting

Purpose of This Site and Email

In the fall of 1996 I retired from teaching and took a quilt workshop on making a little wall hanging. I was hooked by the end of that day!

My love of making quilts gave birth to another project. I became curious about the history of quilting and started to search the Internet for information. At that time online information was quite limited so I began collecting books on quilt history.

Soon I realized there was a lot more to the history of quilting than patterns and techniques. My studies opened up a fascinating world of how these quilters lived. I learned of these women’s hope and dreams, their friendships, and their sense of accomplishment with the quilts they made.

The purpose of this site is to bring you short, informative articles on these topics. Care has been given to be sure the history information is as accurate as possible and links are provided so that you can learn more on any given topic.

~Judy Anne
Judy Anne

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