poetic musing by the sea
A Poetry Chapbook
written under Judy Breneman's pen name "Anne Johnson"


DESERT DAWNING   "The desert awakes with a whispered sigh."

TRAIN DREAMS WEAVING   "I hear a haunting sound, a distant train,"

THE VISIT   "She's forgotten who I am,   convinced I'm her sister."

VESPERTINE  "Catkin sniffs the evening air,   nocturnal fragrances drift by."

Other Forms

DAYBREAK   "She wakes at dawn   goes down the stairs."

FOOLISH MUSE   "I fear she must have wandered far away;"

IMAGERY   "Tree branches   glisten white   Pillows of snow"

ON WHY I'M NOT WRITING A SONNET TODAY   "How weighty is the need to write it right,"

PICTURE FROM THE PAST   "Somehow the smile upon your face"

SUMMER HAIKU   "wind, rain and darkness   heaviness pervades the earth"

TIMOROUS   "She ventured out and softly shut the door"

THE WATER DRAGON   "Alone she swims in murky depths below."

Free Verse

TRANSFIGURATION   "distant mountains   soft dun profile  barely noticed"

AWAKENING   "Somnolent waves of   shifting consciousness"

THE BOX   "Possibilities dance in her head."

BUTTERFLY DREAMS   "butterflies fade   drift to the ground"

COLD DAWN   "I wake to a chill dawn   no longer who I was…"

COMFORT OF WINTER   "Winter was a comfort,   darkness gently wrapped"

COVETOUS   "Perhaps this envy is   a necessary rite"

DAWN'S GIFT   "Silver bodies   formed of morning mist;"

EARTH PLEDGE   "~ that I may remember   soft vision,"

THE GRANDMOTHERS' GRANDMOTHER   "It comes to us all, every woman,"

GREAT BLUE   "Carried by spring   on wings of grace,"

INDIAN SUMMER   "I cannot believe   it is the cold   that impels grasses"

QUILTED REVERIE   "Eager hands caress   resonant textures of cloth;"

A SENSE OF LOSS   "Swirling   mist of memories   ebb and flow"

SOLSTICE   "dawn creeps in   crystal clear   intrepid"

TURTLE WOMAN   "I have, at last   become the turtle   who has been waiting,"

RIVER CRESTS   "Swells surge   beneath raging foam."

"Imagery" is published as "Untitled" in the poetry collection, "Women on a Wire"
"Daybreak" is published in the newsletter, "Hestia's Voice"
"Train Dreams Weaving" is published in the journal "Norman's Choir"

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