I fear she must have wandered far away;     
I've looked most everywhere, she can't be found.
I find myself adrift; I can't convey 
those thoughts and feelings locked within my mind. 

Fey little sprite, she spoke to me alone;
Her magic something only I could know.
She'd made the tree outside my door her home
and played beneath where fragrant flowers grow.

I cannot comprehend why she would leave
for lacking me she'll have no way to spread
to human folk the poetry she weaves; 
euphonic verses sadly left unsaid. 

For none but I can realize her words
that tell of things that only she can see.
She needs my hands and voice so she'll be heard;
for mankind sees and hears her via me

That foolish little maid has strayed too long;
Her image fading more each day I wait.
I pray for her return each day she's gone.
Without each other we cannot create. 

© 1996 Judy Anne 

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