mist of memories
ebb and flow
coming to surface
now and again.

booming waves,
sea breeze in my face.
Walking ocean cliffs
feeling free.

Sea Otters
float on their backs,
then dive.
We search the water
for their return.
Brown pelicans
skim the waves
in formation,
wings moving in 
military cadence.

Snowy egrets stand
in brackish pools,
silently regal,
waiting for prey.

Elephant Seals
reminiscent of
enormous slugs,
languid on the beach.

A hawk
hovers on the wind
sharp eyes watch
for the unwary mouse
until at last,
the fatal plunge.

Trees teem with
great dun clumps
of living butterflies.
Sunshine lured them
as one by one
they left the haven
of community
to dance in the
warm inviting air.
A kaleidoscope of
orange, green and blue.

Tides roll in
then sweep out again.
Memories drift and fade
at last,
they disappear 
into the seas of time.

© 1997 Judy Anne 

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