Quilt Patterns Through Time

Quilts to Warm Each Sleeping Baby and Child: History & Patterns

children's quilt patterns
Free Crib & Doll Quilt Patterns From the Past
Quilts are a traditional gift that are cherished for years and often kept as heirlooms. Handmade Baby quilts from history add a special loving touch.

Enjoy this information with patterns for doll and baby quilts. Each pattern includes it's history along with fabrics and techniques of the period. They were designed using Electric Quilt 6.

Moving toward a more child centered culture.

A unique free pattern for a 1970s doll.

Enjoy making this mid 20th century delight.

An easy free pattern from the 1930s.

A free design typical of the late 19 century.

A free mid-19th century baby or doll quilt.

A unique free pattern for a doll or baby.

"In the nineteenth century women of various social strata took pleasure and comfort in making quilts, especially those intended for an expected child. Working with the bright bits of cloth, the arrangement of colors, and the design provided a pleasant contrast to the everyday drudgery of essential sewing."
"America's Glorious Quilts" by Duke & Harding, page 78