Quilt Patterns Through Time

Quilt Patterns for American Girl Dolls

"Little girls often find amusement in making patchwork for their dolls and some even go so far as to make cradle-quilts for their infant brothers and sisters."     Eliza Leslie, "The American Girl's Book" 1831

Julie and Ivy are the newest American Girl dolls from history. They lived during the 1970s when protecting the environment first became a concern. Earth colors like you see in this puff quilt were popular.
Find the puff quilt history
and pattern here.

Molly and Emily lived during World War II a time of sacrifice and worry. What a delight a doll quilt with Scottie dogs on it would be to a child. Everyone loved hearing the news about President Roosevelt's little Scotch Terrier, Fala.
Find the Scottie quilt
history and pattern here.

Kit and Ruthie lived during the hard times of the Great Depression. The gaiety of this basket quilt and it's fabric helped lift a girl's spirits. Happiness was found in the little things.
Find the basket quilt history and pattern here.

The Samantha and Nellie lived in a time when new inventions made life much easier. Log Cabin quilts were made in memory of our pioneer past. Homes were busily decorated with knick knacks & lively fabrics.
Find the Log Cabin quilt history and pattern here.

Addy and Kristen both lived in a time and circumstance in which all of the family worked hard for their food and clothing. Likely a simple pattern like the Nine Patch would have been used during scant spare time.
Find the Nine Patch history and pattern here.

Felicity and Elizabeth lived during Colonial times. Only families of means had time to make quilts. Spinning & sewing left most women & girls with little or no time for quilting. This quilt might have been made from imported toile left over from making bed curtains.
Find the medallion quilt history and pattern here.

Both Josefina and Kaya lived in times before their cultures would have
been quilting but these links will take you to information about later quilting
in Josefina's Hispanic culture and in Kaya's Native American culture.

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