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Enjoy This Free Crib & Doll Nine Patch Quilt Pattern

This page gives the layout, measurements and suggested quilting patterns for the doll and crib quilts. Be sure to read the information at Nine-Patch Quilts for Children before beginning. Once you have read that you will know a bit of nine-patch history and will have learned about the surprising fabrics used in the mid 19th century. This project will be a lot more fun once you have that background!

Estimated yardage for the nine patch crib quilt.
For the doll quilt get a fat quarter of each fabric.

estimated yardage

For the baby quilt you will want to use the following for rotary cutting.

for 3" blocks
color 1) 80 squares
color 2) 80 squares
color 3) 20 center squares
for 6" blocks
color 1) 36 squares
color 2) 36 squares
color 3) 9 center squares
To the right you will see the layout for the nine patch doll quilt along with the sizes you need to cut the squares. The measurements include the 1/4 inch seam allowance. The finished doll quilt will be about 15" square.
layout of doll nine-patch quilt
layout of crib nine-patch quilt
To the left is the layout of nine-patch crib quilt. Use the measurements above given for the small and large blocks. They include the seam allowance. The finished crib quilt will be about 36" square.

Below are suggested quilting patterns for the crib and doll nine-patch quilts.

quilting pattern for doll nine-patch quilt
quilting pattern for doll nine-patch quilt
quilting pattern for crib nine-patch quilt
quilting pattern for crib nine-patch quilt

(If you have any questions about this ninepatch quilt pattern go to "Write to Judy Anne" where you can write to me with questions and comments. Be sure to mention which quilt pattern you are referring to.)

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