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Judy Anne Breneman's Education and Experience

Judy Anne Breneman's writing has been published on several Internet sites as well as in paper form.

Judy has a degree in Home Economics from Oregon State University. She was a teacher for almost 20 years and is now retired. Retirement has given her the gift of time to research and share her interests in women's creativity and quilt history.

She has been active in various online projects since 1995. Following are a few of the activities that Judy has been involved in on the Internet; teaching online classes on CompuServe, acting as a community leader for the women's section of Geocities, writing and editing the topic of "Women and Creativity" for Suite 101, and building websites including "Womenfolk" and "Patches From the Past".

The history of women and their quilting has been a special interest of Judy's and is her primary focus on the Internet at this time. She is a member of the "American Quilt Study Group" as well as mail lists devoted to discussions on quilt history. An extensive collection of books on quilt history as well as other topics found on "Womenfolk" completes the resources she uses to write her articles.

If you would like to get a more informal look at Judy Anne's enthusiasm for quilting and quilt history go to "Meet the Writer" at her "Patches From the Past" site.

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