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transform your house into a home that enhances creativity

home as a haven for creativity

Little things you do for your house can make a magical difference in enhancing your creativity. Following are some ideas on how to give yourself a home that will nurture your creative self.

First notice how you feel when you arrive home. How does your house and entry way look to you? Do you feel a sense of welcome and warmth there? Are there things in sight that remind you of your creative endeavors? Perhaps you have a quilted wall hanging on the wall, a woven throw over the chair or a book about how to write a novel sitting on the coffee table. You want to be reminded on arrival that your home is a place where you love to create.

On the other hand are there too many mundane things crying out for your attention? What items could be cleaned up or moved to another room so that you won't be distracted by them. If possible enter your house through the living room. When you enter through your kitchen you think of food, dishes to do or dinner to be fixed. How much nicer to spend even 10 minutes relaxing in the living room perhaps looking at a book or doing a little stitching on a project. That way, even if you do have to get housework or cooking done, at least your mind has been reminded of your creative endeavors.

Next notice if there a place in your home where you can read, plan and dream? Some people can do this in the midst of activity, others need a place alone. Does this bit of creative dreaming space feel safe and inviting? If not perhaps a lamp or more comfortable chair will make all the difference. Moving a desk to face the door or your chair to face the hall can keep you from being startled out of your reverie. For some this may mean getting up early or finding some other time when they can find a bit of quiet.

Few of us live alone. Most often we live with some combination of spouse, children, roommates and pets. All these people nurture us and enliven our imaginations at times and of course at other times they can interrupt our creative work and leave us feeling frustrated. We need to take time for meaningful involvement with our families as well as learn to be firm about time for our own interests. The secret is in finding the balance; without friends and family we become isolated but we also must be certain that they allow us the time to pursue our own individual interests.

Take a careful look at the location where you work on your creative activities. I love doing my quilting in the living room but I don't think I'd have such positive feelings about it if I had the quilt desk facing the wall. Instead I have it facing the living room where I can see out of our front window and easily chat with anyone sitting on the couch or chair. In order to write I need a quieter place. This is my challenge area as I write on my computer and it is facing the wall in a small room with a high window. Because if this I'm doing what I can to brighten up the area and have added a natural light above the computer. Each person will have different challenges and solutions. Just be aware of what makes you uncomfortable about your workstation and see what you can do to make a pleasant place to create.

We all need to be reminded that our creative endeavors are recognized and appreciated. One way is to be sure some of your work is displayed around your home. I've been told it's important to take a photo of each quilt I make and document it in some way. I love scrapbooking and am having a great time making an ongoing quilt album. Not only do I enjoy looking back at things I've made with pictures of the people I made them for, but hopefully years from now my grandchildren and great grandchildren will be reminded that grandma loved to make quilts. My next project is to make handmade books with some of my poetry to give to my children. I need to be reminded in these ways that my creativity reaches others as well as enriching me.

Don't forget that all these suggestions apply to every person in your household. Each one needs to feel that their creativity is valued. So get creative with how to enhance creativity in your home.