Exploring Women's Creativity

Setting Goals to Live Your Creative Dreams

time to act on the plans that have been developing within

What is your creative dream?

How often our creative plans get left by the wayside in our struggle to get things done we feel we must do? It seems impossible that our dreams could ever become reality. For some of us our goal may be a new career. Others might need to carve out the time or find the money to write, paint, design quilts or any of dozens of creative endeavors. Or perhaps for you it might be combining a part time job to make ends meet while starting a new creative business.

Sometimes we aren't even sure what our goals would be if we had the choice. Writing each day in a journal can be a wonderful tool in helping us discover what we really want and how we sabotage our creative plans. Even just writing our thoughts, worries, frustrations and hopes can help us focus on what we really care about. Journaling can be a powerful way to define and progress toward fulfilling our dreams.

If you have a dream that seems impossible because of lack of time or money take a careful look at how you can live more simply. So often the things we feel we must have or do are really not so necessary after all. It's hard to let go of old ways overnight. Just begin to consider your activities and belongings, sorting out what you really need and what could go. Often many of these things are not what you really want to do or to own but what society seems to dictate. Gradually give up those things that hinder your goals leaving room to fulfill your dreams.

We can began our road to simplicity even though we may still be sorting out who we are and what our dreams might be. In fact the journey to simplicity may help us discover these things. "Simple Abundance : A Daybook of Comfort and Joy" by Sarah Ban Breathnach can be a encouraging guide in this. With this daybook you read a passage each day for a year, giving yourself time to consider your life and make gradual changes.

Though we may have sorted out our goals and found ways to work toward them, without an understanding of the creative process we might find our way thwarted. We tend to want to make things happen by sheer will but the creative process is more complex than that. Typically we start with a firm focus, and began to work intensely at our projects. This is an important aspect of creativity but cannot sustain itself without some "moodling" or unfocused time to dream and simply let inspiration in. Take a look at "Building Blocks to Creativity" to be reminded of the importance of developing skills and the need to continually learn more about your craft.

Just began to journal to sort out what you really want and how you might attain your goals, consider carefully how you might live a simpler life and remember the creative process. You will find you are well on your way toward living your creative dreams.