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Alice McQuerry Harris

1884 - 1953

Ocean Waves Quilt

Mary Alice MeQuerry was born in Texas and spent her early days there. Alice, as she was called, taught Algebra and Geometry before her marriage to Joseph Harris, a carpenter. Alice had 5 children, 4 boys and a girl. Alice and Joseph moved to Portales, NM and farmed until about 1940.

Alice made quilts for all 5 of her children, sewing their names on the binding. When her son, my Father, married my Mother, she and my other grandmother got busy and made more quilts for the newlyweds.

Mama Joe, as the grandchildren called her, made quilts for her grandchildren. The last quilt she made was for my sister. My Grandmother had leukemia and was unable to finish the quilt herself. She asked her daughter, Clara Stokes to finish the quilt. The top was finished in 1953, the year Alice passed away.

The quilt top was stored in many closets over the years waiting to be finished. In 1996 my parents came fore a visit. My Father was taken with my quilting. I have been quilting for 10 years. Father decided that I should be the one to finish what his mother had started so many years ago.

The quilt top is both hand and machine pieced. The pattern is Ocean Waves made with scraps including four and sugar sacks, you can still read "SUG" on one of the white patches. Mama Joe didn't get them all bleached out! I loved finding the blue faded letters as I hand quilted the piece.

I labeled the quilt on small white border at the bottom of the quilt, "Made by Alice McQuerry Harris and Clara Harris Stokes in 1953 for Markley Diane Harris". In the corner in small letters I wrote "Hand quilted by Kim harris Algood, 1997.

This quilt was made by three generations of women in the Harris family.

. Kim Harris Algood

Heritage Quilts

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