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Betty Drury

Betty joined Eastern Washington University in 1969 as a chemistry stockroom attendant. She then went on to get her degree and eventually up graded to Lab Tech. During the years at Eastern she and her husband have had various hobbies. They joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary and had about 14 years in that public service club.

Betty retired from Eastern in l988 after 20 years of lots of fun and hard work. She and her husband made many good friends during that time. Since their retirement they have sold their house in Spokane and made their home by the Washington coast. Betty has many hobbies now. Some are extensions of her old hobbies, like photography, sewing, quilting, etc. Her new hobbies include oil painting, watercolor, craft painting on flower pots, sweatshirts, outdoor silhouettes and flower gardening. Betty had the treat of meeting Eleanor Burns in San Marcus, CA and was inspired to buy the fabric and make the star quilt shown below.

Betty and her husband enjoy old friends and see them quite often. They also enjoy their children, one boy and four daughters. They have two granddaughters. One is at Carroll college in Helena, Montana. She is studying pre-med and will graduate in 2 years. Their other granddaughter is special. She is handicapped and went to the Special Olympics in July of 1999 in North Carolina. There she earned a gold medal in weight lifting by lifting 300 lbs. from dead weight.

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Eight Point
Radiant Star

from Eleanor Burns
"Quilt in a Day"


made with lighthouse prints
from the Oregon coast.

Seaside theme tote bags.

Heritage Quilts

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