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Grandma Fox's Quilts

Below are photos of the quilts I received from my husband's grandmother. From talking with my mother-in-law we know the nine patch quilt is at least 45 years old and the wool quilts are much older. Her mother, Katherine Kukas Fox came to Lincoln, Nebraska, around the turn of the century from Russia (Germans from Russia). She began quilting when my mother-in-law was sixteen, which was in 1935, and she quilted until around 1960. She passed away in 1977 at 92 years of age.

Many of Grandma Fox's quilts were made from scraps a friend brought her from the shirt factory in Lincoln. Other quilts were made from the good parts of old suits or spare pieces of wool from making other clothing. They had coal heat and needed the wool quilts to keep warm in winter. The wool quilts are the oldest ones I have and were certainly more functional than beautiful. The nine patch quilt below is very pretty and beautifully quilted; however, I have been unable to identify the pattern. Grandma made her own patterns by copying those she saw and perhaps this is only part of a more complex pattern.

Cecile Ferguson

Heritage Quilts

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