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Our Quilting Heritage

Nothing connects us with our heritage like
holding a heirloom quilt in our hands.

~ heirloom quilts from Judy Anne's extended family ~

Hanna Balster

Nine Patch Quilt
Minnie Hanson

Crazy Quilt
Flora Lee Mansbridge

Pinwheel Star Quilt
Eva Mae Breneman

Maple Leaf Quilt
Mary Margaret Pleiss

Album Quilt

~ quilts made by creative women from other families ~

Pat Means

Pineapple Quilt
Ruth Adams Lee

Angel Quilt
Cora & Maria

Red Riding Hood
Deb's 3 generations

Rose Quilt

Floral Silkies Quilt
Mary Elsie Weiser

Dresden Plate Quilt
Alice, Clara & Kim

Ocean Waves
Betty Drury

Lighthouse Quilt

Feed Sack

Grandma Fox

Three & Six
Collection of Mary Babcock

Vintage Quilts

 Grandmothers' Quilts

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