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Heritage Quilts

Sue, a roguish redhead born in 1924, learned to sew doll clothes at age five and was making her own clothes by the time she was seven. In her rural family, quilting was a favorite activity during the cold months, and it is a hobby she continues to pursue in 1997. A woman of many facets (aren't we all?), she is also a gifted carpenter, a handy gardener, loves to sing, has been a Girl Scout and Cub Scout leader, and defines herself in one word as "independent."


"Sunlight and Shadow" by Sue

This crazy quilt is made of heavy unused corduroy patches, machine stitched to quilt top and hand-finished in contrasting embroidery floss X-stitches. Started mid-1960's, finished mid-1970's

Not all Crazy Quilts were made with fine silks as you will discover at Crazy Quilt History.

"Cotton Blocked Quilt" by Sue

This quilt was machine stitched and quilted then hand-tufted. It contains fabric from about 1962 and before, including scraps of floral-print feedsack fabric from 1930's and later.

Heritage Quilts

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