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Eva Mae Breneman
1882 - 1970

Eva Mae Wheeler was born July 14 1883 in Woolsey South Dakota.She married Edward S. Breneman Jan 22 1902 and moved to a farm near Brooklyn Iowa. She spent most of her life being a farmer's wife and a mother to her seven children. She was a devout Christian and attended a little country church every Sunday with her family.

In her spare time she loved to make quilts and there was always a quilting frame assembled in the "parlor" and many winter evenings were spent sewing the blocks together for quilts for her beds and for her children in later years. Yes, I think you could call her a "quilter".

Alvin Breneman

Grandmother's Flower Garden
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Eight Pointed Star
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Maple Leaf Quilt
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Quilting Bee - Gathering Around the Frame
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Heritage Quilts

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