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Pat Means ~ Quilt Artist

~1997 Featured Quilter ~
Washington State Quilters, Spokane Chapter Quilt Show

Pat Means is an award winning quilt artist and a teacher of quilting. Her education includes dress design and history as well as graphics arts. She is also accomplished in embroidery and needlework and had 3 one woman shows in the 1970s. She now combines this background with her quilting talent in both teaching and quilt design. She is well versed in quilting history and her classes often include a bit of history along with quilting techniques. Her quilts and the classes range from historical techniques like Broderie Perse to modern quilt designs.

It is hard to imagine how she fit these accomplishments in along with raising six children (5 boys and 1 girl). She is now the grandmother of six boys and has earned the name Quilting Grandmother. She tells us, "Women, by nature, are creative. The most creative time can be after the child nurturing years." Pat Means is a wonderful example of the truth in this statement.

Click on the pictures below for a full version of each quilt.

"Pineapple Rose"

Integrating the
pineapple pattern
with rose chintz.

"Star Flowers"

A color wash
lone star.

"Harvest Sun"

Reproduction of a quilt
made by Fanny Grimes
during the last quarter
of the nineteenth century.
The original can be
found in the Smithsonian.

Heritage Quilts

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