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Cora Leota Holloway Brown

Maria Amparo Tapia King

Cora Leota Holloway Brown (photo on left) did the quilting. She was born in Kansas in about 1901 and moved to Oregon as a child. She took great pride in her exact, small quilt stitches, and pieced and quilted many beautiful quilts. The quilting design (which cannot be seen in the photos) is exquisite. She was also very adept at crocheting and embroidery. She passed away in 1975.

Maria Amparo Tapia King (photo on right) did the applique. She was born in Mexico in 1902, where she was a teacher. She married and moved to Arizona after her marriage. She was excellent at embroidery and applique, giving great attention to the smallest details. In addition, my Dad says she made the best beans and tortillas he's ever eaten! She passed away in 1979.

I remember them both not just for their sewing talents, but for the love they both gave to all of us. And to have the gift of this beautiful quilt that they both worked as my gift on means the world to me.

Mary Pacatte

Heritage Quilts

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