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The Rose Quilt

Created by three
generations of women.


Deb and Alice

I believe this quilt was started in the 1950's. For years, it lay dormant in a shoe box tucked away in my grandmother Emma's closet in Colorado. Around 1970, it was given to my mother for her to finish. She worked on it a bit, and then along came my little brother, and back it went, safely tucked away in its shoe box for another 20 years. The quilt made the move to Idaho.

In a fit a spring cleaning, my mother passed the shoe box to her mother, Ethel, back in Wyoming. It is this lady who put much of the work into this quilt. Day after day, she would work on this quilt. Her hands painstakingly doing all the applique and quilting by hand. All of the grandkids knew it by heart, for it would always be sitting by her chair.

In the summer of 1996, I returned to her house for a short visit. As we were sitting around gabbing, her eyes lit up and she said to me, "Go look in the closet and get out that quilt." My eyes were filled with delight as I unfolded the quilt and layed it on the floor for all to see. Her eyes twinkled as she said to me, "Now, tell me who loves you", and in that instant the quilt became mine. The quilt traveled 380 miles back to my home for me to put the binding on. In less than two weeks, it was finally finished.

Its home is now with me back in Idaho. Two grandmothers, my mother and I proving that quilts are a timeless gift of the heart.

Deb Gilbert

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