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A Floral Silkies Quilt

My maternal grandparents, Martha and Andrew Achenback, went to Alberta, Canada near Medicine Hat to homestead about the beginning of the 20th century. They had a small farm and my grandmother ran a small general store/post office. The three children of the family were born there.

My grandmother, who never threw anything away, saved these silks. I don't know who the big smoker/chewer was.

The family emigrated back to Wyoming in the 1920's out of my grandmother's concern for her children's education. My mother and her brother, both top of their high school classes in Sheridan, Wyoming, won full tuition scholarships to the University of Wyoming.

My mother, who was almost as frugal as her mother had been, made the silks into this quilt. I'm guessing it was in the early 1930's since she became a farm wife and a mother in the mid 1930's. She probably didn't have any time to quilt after that! She returned to quilting in her later years, however, enjoying the women's quilting group at the local church.

Teddy Wintersteen

Heritage Quilts

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