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Dresden Plate Pattern

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Dresden Plate

(Elsie's mother)

This quilt was made by my maternal grandmother, Mary Elsie Hansen Weiser. She was born in 1888 to John and Mary Tate Hansen. John was editor of the Deseret News in Salt Lake City, Utah, and an elder in the Mormon Church. Grandma sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir when she was a young woman; Mom remembers her tuning in the choir every Sunday morning on the radio in later years, after they'd moved to Spokane, Washington - and later Seattle and Puyallup.

Mom also remembers the quilting bees that took place in their big house on Mercer Island. Grandma, Aunt Myrtle, Aunt Bessie and friends would gather and stretch the quilts out on a rack propped up on chairs, and spend the day stitching and talking.

Grandma died in May, 1951 - I was just 8 months old, so I didn't have the opportunity to know her. I think I would have loved her very much. She was a very kind and loving woman say those who knew her.

This quilt is a Dresden Plate pattern, ca 1930. The insert pieces came from old aprons, shirts and dresses the family wore. I remember having this quilt on my bed when I was a little girl. It is very worn and tattered now, but my friend Lorna Poetter is repairing it. She's even found some material that resembles the old cloth. She tells me she is not replacing the old pieces, but sewing new pieces over them, because she's learned that there may be a technique in the future to actually restore damaged material.

Terri Grayum

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