Notes About Quilts & Quilting History

Various Bits of Quilt History

Enjoy these short notes and articles about our quilting history.
~Judy Anne
woman writing

The Alliance for American Quilts
Learn about their projects & an interview with their director.

American Quilt Study Group Seminar
a weekend of quilt history study groups, research presentations and tours

Quilts From the Wide Open Spaces: Waggas & Suggans
Utilitarian quilts from American's Southwest and Australia.

Applique Stitches in Early American Quilts
Some interesting examples seen at the New England Quilt Museum

Quilts and the 1933 Chicago World's Fair
The quilt contest sponsored by Sears for this fair was not without controversy.

The Amish and Hmong: Two Cultures Quilting Together
Amish and Hmong, an unexpected quilt making team.

Red Cross Quilt With Pattern
read about and reproduce this quilt from 1918

Tristan and Isolde Quilt Made Around 1400
Background on this quilts and where to view photos.

Broderie Perse Applique Basket Pattern
How to make a broderie perse basket.

Early Dated Examples of 18th Century Quilts
medallion quilts, pieced stars and interesting borders

Road to California: Quilt Made on the Overland Trail
a 15 year old girl and her very special quilt

Quilts of the Oregon Trail
Travel with these women and their quilts.

The American Quilt: A History of Cloth and Comfort
the story of America's quilting from 1750-1950

A Piece of My Soul: Quilts by Black Arkansans
a book by a foremost black quilt historian