Quilt Notes

American Quilt Study Group Seminar

The American Quilt Study Group seminar is a highlight of each year for members. ThisSeminar is like a smorgasbord for quilt and textile enthusiasts, you can't begin to do it all.

On top of the research presentations and special presentations there are tours and study groups you can join.

As the American Quilt Study Group most of all promotes research there will be presentations of original research so you will be among the first to know what is happening in the forefront of quilt study. If you want to learn about specific topics you can sign up for one or more of several study centers.

Time isn't wasted at the AQSG Seminar. Saturday lunch is another chance to learn something new. Each table has a leader who leads a discussion during this roundtable event. When you register for the seminar you will have a chance to choose which topic you are most interested in.

But this is just the formal part. Every spare minute you will be looking over the booths offering antique fabrics, books and much more. And on the way to this you will find enthusiastic people looking at quilts, sharing experiences and just plain having fun.

If you want to get the feel of what it is like to go to the American Quilt Study Group seminar check out my article about my first seminar at AQSG Seminar 2004. It was such a fascinating experience for me and great fun as well.

Go to the American Quilt Study Group website to learn all about this organization.

Research papers are presented.

Several study centers are offered.

Roundtable discussions at Saturday lunch.