America's Quilting History

Free Patterns for a Temperance "T" and a Drunkard's Path Quilt Block

If you are inspired to make a temperance quilt here are the patterns for both a Temperance T and Drunkard's Path quilt. The patterns are for twelve inch blocks.

You will find background on these quilts and how they were used at The Power of Women's Temperance Movement Quilts.

The Temperance T or Four Ts Quilt Pattern
Temperance T Quilt

Find the cutting instructions at the Temperance T Rotary Cutting PDF. Sometimes a single letter T was pieced into the block but this block is more interesting as it has four Ts radiating from the center.

nine patch T block

This block is divided into 9 equal squares so you will be piecing of each of the nine patches then combining them in rows and finally into the full block.

It's up to you whether you put the blocks in sashes or just put the blocks together. Sashing brings out the T shapes while no sashing gives nice overall design to the quilt.

The Drunkards Path Quilt Pattern
 Drunkard's Path quilt block

The most common name for this pattern is Drunkard's Path but as with most quilt names it has other names as well. One of them is Solomon's Puzzle and it happens I already have instructions for it on my "Patterns From History" site. So just go to Solomon's Puzzle Bible Quilt Pattern to find all the information you need to make this quilt. This pattern is not made with sashing as you want the continuous staggering pattern throughout the quilt.

Colors and Fabrics on Temperance Quilts

The colors representing the temperance movement were blue and white but many quilts made in the name of the temperance cause were other colors. Some were done in red and white and many just used the printed fabrics and colors that were used for quilts at the time.