America's Quilting History

The Fanny Minard Signature Quilt Block from 1857

Karolyn Nubin Jensen gave me permission to use this signature block.
Minard is her family name and by a serendipity series of events this and several other blocks make their way across the country and into Karolyn's hands.

It is an especially intriguing block. The little blessing before the signature is quite typical but the bit about wedded bliss below the name leaves me wondering why Fanny included this. There must be a wonderful story behind her reason for using that saying.

verse on a friendship quilt

May God's mercy preserve thee
His power protect
His goodness upholds thee
His wisdom direct
Fanny Minard
March the 6 1857
Domestic happiness oh thou gem
so often sought but seldom found

. verse on a friendship quilt