Transcending Chronic Illness: Support Beyond Coping

~ creative living within physical limitations ~
"There is nothing like a serious illness to blow down our fragile houses of sticks and straw. Standing amid the rubble of their lives and thoughts, people with serious illness undertake the task of building a new house, a new way of living..."
~"The Alchemy of Illness" by Kat Duff
women & chronic illness

articles and links to help you find a way of living that heals
the spirit and promotes the healing powers of your body

the love of your family
helping your family understand your chronic illness
re-defining yourself ~ a new identity
an identity based on more than what you can do
the healing powers of writing your story
write it down and find you have lifted your spirits
de-clutter your home, de-clutter your mind
the incredible lightness of living in an uncluttered home
consciously pacing your days
learning to slow down and live fully within your limitations
a supportive circle of friends
finding positive friendships that nurture our health
coping with setbacks & flares
holding on to hope when your health takes a downward turn
These articles were written with women's chronic illness in mind but can be helpful
for men with chronic illness as well. People with conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic
fatigue, asthma, arthritis and many other forms of disability will find inspiration.
Transcending Chronic Illness
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