Transcending Chronic Illness

links to support and inspiration - Guide to Diseases, Disorders, and Chronic Illness
articles and directory for specific illnesses and support
  iVillage: Women's Health
articles and supportive health related discussions
  The Spoon Theory
A way to explain your illness to others.
  Live Your Creative Vision
articles on using writing and art to promote healing
 The Invisible Disabilities Advocate
helping others understand your chronic illness
 Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment
find the one that works for you
  Windchime Walker
her creative responses to disability and life
  A Delicate Balance
living successfully with chronic illness
 Writing and Healing
the many ways that writing can help us heal
 Sharing our Stories
writings about life with fibromyalgia and CFDS
 Life Challenges: Healing Mind and Spirit
inspiraton on dealing with trauma and adversity
 Mesothelioma including Mesothelioma Support
This extensive site is an excellent resource.

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