Transcending Chronic Illness

de-clutter your home de-clutter your mind

the incredible lightness of living in an uncluttered home

When we are chronically ill simple housekeeping can become overwhelming. On a good day we may tackle the mess and get a little cleaning done but on bad days the clutter simply adds to our feelings of inadequacy. Much of our problem comes from the fact we live in a culture of abundance. So many gadgets, toys and decorative items are available at stores. Imported goods are inexpensive and marketers are continually finding new items to sell. Our house is full of unnecessary clutter.

It's not just the work required to clean up all this clutter that is a problem. Many chronic illnesses impair clear thinking, especially when we are tired. As a result is particularly frustrating when we can't find things. In fact the clutter itself seems to muddle our mind.

The best way to tackle clearing out clutter is in layers. It's much like peeling an onion and sometimes it will bring tears to your eyes. With chronic illness we need to pace our self and if needed to get someone to help us with this project.

Clearing out unused and unwanted items is as much a mental task as a physical one. As you go through your closets, drawers and bookcases you will be amazed at what you have collected. Divide everything into three categories; things to give away or throw out, things you can't decide about, and things you truly value. Store the items you are uncertain about in boxes or the back of closets. Look at them again in a few months. Very likely you will be ready to get rid of most of them by then.

Now begin to look on the belongings you have decided to keep as items that you are care taking. You need to provide good storage and care for them. Each time you are irritated with problems finding an item you are left with the feeling that something is 'lacking' in your life. Broken tools and appliances leave the message that you are needy. It's best to repair them or do without. Strive to be aware and appreciative of those things have chosen to keep.

This whole process may well take a few months. Persevere; it will be worth it. When you are done your home will be less cluttered and the things you value and use will be easy to find. Moreover the decorative touches you have chosen to keep in your home will give you a lift. Not only will your house be easier to keep clean but your mind will be clearer as well.

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