Quilt Patterns Through Time

Free Baby & Doll Scottie Dog Quilt Pattern

This page gives the pattern and instructions for the doll and baby Scottie quilts. If you didn't come from Doll & Baby Pieced Scottie Quilts go there for the introduction to this mid 20th century Scottie dog pattern.

To the right you see the doll quilt version of this quilt. The blocks can be made in two ways.

This Paper Piecing Scottie PDF would be a way to make 6 inch blocks. Using the paper piecing method makes it easier to do the small pieces. You can find instructions on modern paper piecing at A Foundation Piecing Primer.

Paper Piecing didn't come until later so if you want to be true to the period use the Scottie Templates PDF for 9" blocks. This quilt could have been done either by hand or machine.

Check to be sure that your "page scaling" is set to "none" so that the pattern will print out the right size.

large version of Scottie quilt
sew this quilt in these sections

Yardage depends on how big you make the quilt. For my doll quilt I used less than 1/4 yard for the blue and less than 1/2 yard for the white. The rest was scraps of plaids. Since that was for six 6 inch blocks hopefully you can estimate what you will need for more blocks. Remember the template blocks are 9 inch so you would need more per block.

To the left is an illustration showing you how to make this block by sections. Do each subsection first then sew them all together. The large triangle would be sewn on last. This is a guide for assembling whether you use paper piecing or the templates.

The example to the right shows the backing and the binding. I chose a feedsack backing as it was often used for projects like this but any fabric would do.

Many quilts of this period were made with binding between 1/2 and 3/4 inches. So make your binding wide if you want the period look.

quilt backing and binding

Adjust the block size and the number of blocks to get the size and layout you want.
You could quilt these quilts in either a diagonal grid or in a horizontal and vertical grid.
Feel free to do fancier quilting if you wish. Enjoy making a Scottie dog quilt.

baby quilt in rows of blocks
This quilt is made up of 6" blocks
and measures 28" by 34"
baby quilt with blocks on point
This quilt is made of 9" blocks
and is put on point.
It measures about 44" by 44".

Go to the PRINTABLE VERSION OF BABY AND DOLL SCOTTIE QUILTS if you want an easy way to print out this free quilt pattern.